TOP 8 MUST-HAVE Apps To Decorate Your Home

TOP 8 MUST-HAVE Apps To Decorate Your Home

Do you want to decorate your living space? Just choose the right tools and try to pick colors and furniture. If you don’t have a good idea what actually to change around you, try to find it somewhere else. Where? If you are planning a bright weekend, you may use Hertz Hillsboro OR to find a good car and take a fast ride to the nearest state or city. It would be great to go to the neighboring country. Why? Traveling helps you to catch a new wave and a new interesting idea about what you can change in your room. But if you are not sure how this fluffy carpet suits your room or just don’t have time for traveling, modern technologies can help!

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Here are modern apps to give you the new creative ideas about interior changing with no time wasted.


With the help of this app you can learn more about new interior, design, style and try it in your room. You can redo your home based on the newest design ideas and according to your budget. The process of redoing your interior has become much easier now. You shouldn’t take ideas from your head, take them from your app. It is available for iOS platform.


You cannot change the room with the help of this app but you can find many new design ideas and pick what you like the most. This app gives you a list of reliable websites where you can find many different images and professional photos. If you already have the image you like and want to find more information about it and analogous pictures, save them in Liketoknow. Likely, the app will cost you nothing.


This app is going to help you to change your home interior easily. You can find many interesting design projects here and get all your questions answered. Just pick the interior item you want to have in your house and the application will give you as many variants to buy this item as you can imagine. You can also compare prices, shops, delivery condition and find the best shopping variant on your area. The application is free for you iPhone.

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This interesting application is based on a furniture shop. You should have your room picture and then you can easily try any interior item from the shop to your room. So, you will surely know if this or another item suits your room or not. No time for guessing. You can find more than 3000 items to try and view them 3D in your room. The application is fee.


As you can see from the name, this app is about colors matching. It seems to be easy to understand if the color matches your room or not. But now you have a chance to make sure it suits your interior. The application provides more than 3 000 of paint options you can apply for your room. Also, feel free to share your color ideas with others and read their valuable opinion. You can use this app from iPhone or Android platform.


You can use this app if you are ready to pay for it. It costs about $2 for both Android and iOS platforms. Why iHandy? The app gives you five essential decorating tools which you cannot find somewhere else. It can be really helpful if you want to make a new frame for your picture with your own hands or get the creative idea for any of your projects.

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  1. COLOR911

Meet another color matching app. It helps you to choose right color for your wall painting. What is more, you can create your palettes and try new colors. By the way, you can match colors not only for your walls but for your sofa, bedside table or pillows. The app is not free. You are going to pay about $4 for your iPad.


This app is good when you want to buy new furniture. It is really helpful to visualize one or another item in your apartments. The app allows you to match all decorative items to your room interior. The application is not free. You should pay about $7.

It can be risky to buy a new sofa or new carpet when you don’t know for sure if it suits your room or not. Of course, you can try to guess. Also, you can use your mobile app to find it out. This is the fastest and the cheapest way to change your room interior and not to waste money. Every time when you feel helpless and have no idea about what to change and where to buy one or another desired item, take your phone and check it. All you need is taking few pictures of you apartments.


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