3 Simple Tips To A Nice Lawn


3 Simple Tips To A Nice Lawn

A nice lawn is a must when it comes to curb appeal, something that can make a big difference when selling your home. According to the National Association of Realtors Remodeling Impact Report, lawn care has the No. 1 impact when it comes to outdoor home improvements, estimated to recoup 267 percent of the cost at the time of the sale.

Whether you’re planning to list your home among the Ottawa real estate market or anywhere else, or you simply want to enjoy a nice lawn, these easy tips will help make it happen.

Feed and Water Your Lawn the Right Way

Your lawn obviously needs to be watered, but timing is important too. It’s best to water early in the morning – if you do it later in the day, the sun will dry it out, and nighttime watering means leaving moisture for prolonged periods on the blades of grass, which opens doors to several diseases. To be sure you’re watering enough, try the soup can trick by setting an empty can near the sprinkler. When there is about a half-inch of water inside, turn off the sprinkler. That will help you avoid overwatering too, which is also an issue as grass performers better if it’s just slightly dry. Water when the lawn begins to show signs of drought, like when a footprint can be seen for a long time. Ideally, you should water less frequently, and for longer periods.

Your lawn needs to be fed too, with nitrogen the most important nutrient. If you live in the South, feed it during the spring and summer. If you’re in the North, feed in the spring and fall. Look for a blend of slow- and fast-release fertilizer, feeding it over time for a lush green lawn. Don’t put too much nitrogen on it, or you’ll burn the grass.

Mow High and Often

Many people think they should mow their lawn short. After all, it saves time as you won’t have to mow it as often, right? But that can actually damage your grass and allow weeds to take root. Keeping it a little taller will result in healthier grass, which means never cutting more than a third of the grass blade off.

Another mowing tip is to mow your lawn in alternate directions, changing up your patterns. It’s a bit like your hair – when you keep brushing it the same way, it develops kind of a memory, falling the same way most of the time. Most people mow walking the same paths to finish up as quickly as possible, but that causes the grass to lay in one direction and can create compacted ruts from your lawnmower. If you change up the way you mow, you’ll have a more attractive and more even lawn. 

Compost Garden and Kitchen Waste For Greener Grass

Composting grass clippings, garden, and kitchen waste will help your lawn grow and look greener too. It’s also an excellent way to reduce waste. It will help improve water drainage if you have sandy or clay soil, stimulate root growth, prevent topsoil erosion, and balance pH levels in the soil. Beneficial worms, insects, and other organisms will be attracted to it too.

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