Enjoy Kefalonia! 7 Amazing Spots for Creative Inspiration

Enjoy Kefalonia! 7 Amazing Spots for Creative Inspiration

Kefalonia is real Greece. These are traditional coastal villages and monasteries, mysterious caves and the ancient Lake Melissani. These are picturesque lagoons and romantic bays with white yachts, pink rays of sunsets and 50 shades of the Ionian Sea. This is the fresh breeze and music of the waves of Myrtos Beach, included in the top list of the best beaches in Europe.

Undoubtedly, Kefalonia will be a great place for every traveler who wants to relax while learning something new and interesting. If you are one of them, then let’s start our exciting trip to the iconic places of the island. Of course, don’t forget to hire a car in Kefalonia – this is the key to a successful trip and an unforgettable experience!


This village has everything you expect from a charming Greek destination. It has preserved old Venetian houses that were built in the 18th century. Almost nowhere on the whole island you may see such a unique setting, and there is a reason for that – in the middle of the 20th century a devastating earthquake occurred there. As a result, all cities and villages were destroyed, but Fiskardo has survived. That is why there you can feel the spirit of antiquity.

Ships are moored in a large bay, yachts hide there for the night, and colorful fishing schooners stand nearby. Life is in full swing in the coastal cafes and restaurants, and designer shops are able to surprise even the most discerning fashionistas. Look into each one to pamper yourself. Beautiful tunics, hats, handbags and accessories – there’s everything you need. You can easily spend the whole day in Fiskardo!



The cozy town is surrounded by bright turquoise lagoons, where white yachts sway on the water like feathers. The view of Assos is magnificent from all sides, and there are a lot of them! A medieval Venetian fortress is located above the village. Be sure to stroll to it, and then go along the picturesque streets paying attention to the architecture of the stylish facades, entwined with flowers. 

Assos is a great place to admire the neon sea and the steep cliffs as you slowly drive your hire car through the narrow streets of the town.



Just 35 km from the port of Fiskardo from the observation deck along the winding road after Assos you will see Myrtos. This is a beach in the Ionian Sea, which is rightfully recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. Its incredibly clear azure-blue waters and unique white pebbles have been awarded the Blue Flag. Myrtos is also one of the most photographed places in Greece. The people in the photo sitting on the cliffs against the backdrop of the endless blue of this beach are always happy.

Part of the Myrtos Beach is well equipped – there’s a rental of sun loungers, umbrellas, and food points. The other part is not equipped, but provides a great opportunity to hide from everything. At the end of the beach you will see a pretty grotto filled with sea water – be sure to take a walk there.


Gerogompos Lighthouse

While driving your hire car around the island, visit the Gerogompos Lighthouse on the Paliki Peninsula on the west coast – the surrounding area will charm you. But keep in mind that the road leading there is not so good, thus it’s recommended to pick up a SUV Kefalonia car hire. The most convenient way to go to the lighthouse is from the village of Chavriata, which is called the balcony over the Ionian Sea: it’s located on a hill with stunning views. There’s also a luxurious 350-year-old Church of the Virgin with a carved iconostasis and ancient frescoes.


Sami Acropolis

Sami is located on the northeastern coast of Kefalonia, at the foot of the mountains. Homer himself mentions the beautiful city in his works. Since Sami has a very favorable position, the city was conquered by the Romans. In the 5-6 centuries AD, the once prosperous town began to endure one disaster after another – it was pirate attacks, then earthquakes. 

Gradually the town began to die out until it was completely empty. It was never settled again, but the walls of the fortresses made of large rough stones have been partially preserved to this day. The ruins of the acropolis, parts of the aqueduct, the ruins of the theater, houses and burials – all this is now available to tourists. The main exhibits found in this area during archaeological excavations are in the Archeology Museum of Argostoli.


Lake Melissani

An underground Lake Melissani is a must-see destination. The 36-meters deep cave, in which it’s located, is a truly mystical and unique place with a round hole in the ceiling, formed after the collapse of the dome about 4 thousand years ago. 

The past of caves and lakes is shrouded in myths – ancient Greek ritual artifacts have been found there. Today you can take a boat ride along Melissani, admiring the play of sunlight on stalactites and the water surface. It’s advisable to come there early in the morning, especially during the peak season.


Petani Beach

Among the most unique and little-known beaches, Petani should be definitely visited during your road trip. It’s located on the coast of a wide horseshoe-shaped bay, as beautiful and white-pebbled as Myrtos, but there’s more greenery and shallower sea at the entrance.

Be sure to find an observation deck: the sunset here is an incredible sight! And if you go down a little lower, you can swim in pure turquoise water on the tiny pebble beach of Agia Eleni. 

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