Pre-Fabricated – The Future of Construction Industry

Prefabricated house

Pre-Fabricated – The Future of Construction Industry

The construction industry, just like everything else affected by a touch of time, is

growing and evolving, fueled by new efficient technology and demands from an ever-growing

world population. As a part of the diverse growth in the construction industry, this paper will

investigate pre-fabricated metals buildings (PFMB) and how it compares and ultimately triumphs

over its competitor. The ability of pre-fabricated metal buildings to offer better money value,

drastically reduce construction time and leave greener footprints makes them superior to

conventional fabricated metal buildings (CFMB).


Everybody is trying to save money, the only thing holding one back from always buying

the cheapest option is the quality of a product. PFMBs are the answer to this dilemma as they are

consistently priced lower than CFMBs without sacrificing quality. Built-in a factory, money is

saved in all stages of construction since there are no weather delays, low transportation costs, fewer

construction issues, and less labor time. Where it is difficult to break up one big project and

efficiently manage each piece, PFMBs by default come in pieces such that it is possible to target

all budget and price points, hence creating many affordable options for people with smaller

budgets as well. In addition, being comprised of many parts, manufacturers will often receive

bulk discounts from material suppliers which again reduces the overall budget. It is clear that

when compared to CFMBs, PFMBs are a better decision financially.


A headache for any construction manager or homeowner is the construction phase that

pushes through multiple set deadlines, something the entire construction industry is notorious

for. With the changing times, this narrative can come to an end with new solutions to the

problems of yesterday. The fact is that off-site construction takes less time compared to on-site

construction. This is possible because PFMBs are constructed in parts, and these components are

made all at the same time, the efficient assembly line construction of modules gives it a much

faster build time. The alternative is making businesses and homeowners wait longer before

having access to their building; preventing them from starting their functions quickly, growing

faster, and focusing on other projects. Faster construction also reduces the risk of delay due to

weather conditions. Another bonus lies in the fact that this construction technique does not

produce noise, pollution, waste, and many other common irritants on the same level as the

construction of CFMBs. This is evidence that PFMBs take a shorter amount of time to be made

compared to CFMBs.


With the power and knowledge humanity have, it is imperative we use it for good; for the

good of humanity and the earth, we inhabit. PFMB is the eco-friendlier option that can work for

the good of the earth. As previously stated, PFMBs are created in controlled factory

environments where it is easier to implement and regulate the usage of materials that are eco

friendly and do not produce excess waste, eliminating the extra waste that is generated in the

case of CFMB construction. Moreover, materials discarded during the manufacturing process are

recycled and reused during the next project. Going further, modular construction has benefits to

nature and the ecosystem. Modular construction needs the site to be accessed only during the

preparation of the site and installation of the modules on the foundations. This reduces the

amount of electricity, water, and burnt fuel used, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint,

making your project eco-friendly. Having the advantage of minimizing waste produced due

to human presence and activities, PFMBs once again outranks CFMBs as better for the



In conclusion, pre-fabricated metal buildings out-perform conventionally fabricated metal

buildings when it comes to cost, build time, and environmental impact. PFMBs are the superior

choice largely because of its progressive construction method. It is no longer associated with low

quality and even goes the step further bringing a new level of flexibility in interior and exterior

design to attract customers. These past few decades have truly been a transition period where we

begin to see the future, pre-fabricated.

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