Clean Driveway: 7 Practical Tips to Keep Your Driveway Looking New

Clean Driveway: 7 Practical Tips to Keep Your Driveway Looking New

When was actually the last time that you took a long, hard look at your driveway? 


Your driveway is one of the most overlooked parts of your home. Taking note of cracks, holes, and weeds, you can make your driveway look appealing. It can also help you save money in the long run. 


In this post, we’ll be discussing the seven practical tips on how you can keep your driveway looking new:

Sweep litter off the driveway

Start by sweeping all the litter off your driveway. You can use whatever broom you have or something stiffer. That way, you can sweep off small branches and leaves with ease. 


You can use a rake, too, but use a broom for leaves and smaller debris. 

Purge grease spots

The best way to remove tough stains and grease will depend on the type of material you’re cleaning.


For instance, if your driveway is made of concrete, the most effective solution could be dishwashing liquid mixed with cola. Pour soda on the stain and leave it overnight. Then, remove it with dishwashing detergent and warm water the day later.


Meanwhile, if your driveway is made of asphalt, you can use baking soda, bleach, and trisodium phosphate. All you need to do is to apply these on the stain, scrubbing off the grease. 

Treat areas with mildew, moss, and mold

If there’s mildew, moss, and mold forming between paves or small cracks in your driveway, then you must treat these areas as much as possible. 


There are a lot of products that can effectively treat these. Once you’re done treating these areas, make sure to wet it, brush the surface with a scrub until it’s clean, and rinse afterward. 

Power wash

Power washing gets rid of grease and stains quickly from your driveway. 


If you don’t have a powerwash at home, you can always rent one. However, make sure that you’re comfortable using the equipment. It is also essential to take the necessary precautions.


According to Ecopro, a company that provides commercial water blasting in Auckland, it is vital to cover your exterior. Otherwise, it will get damaged in the process.


As an alternative, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Use bleach to whiten

A lot of concrete driveways are created with a white surface. However, it does not stay white that long because of the wear and tear of tire marks, stains from vehicles, weather, etc. 


You can use a combination of bleach, soap, and water to whiten your driveway. Alternatively, there are other cleaning solutions that you can use, like lime and poultice. Most of these agents often provide you the same results. 

Apply a concrete sealer

You can also apply a concrete sealer to prevent future stains and damages from materials such as de-icing salt. Make sure that the concrete is at least dried for 24 hours before applying it. 


Note that some sealers give off a wet, shiny look while others have a more natural, matte finish. 

Hire a professional cleaner

If all else fails, or you do not have enough time to clean your driveway, you can hire a professional cleaner to do the work for you. 


A professional cleaner might use chemicals and other cleaning agents to clean your driveway. They might also use a sealer to protect your driveway from spills, dirt, and other damages. 


Make sure that you ask around for prices first before you work with a cleaning professional. Do your research to make sure that you’re hiring the right team. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. Although some might charge a bit more, it will help you save money in the long run. 


A clean, well-maintained driveway not only increases your home’s curb appeal. A little maintenance on your part goes a long way in bringing in significant returns later.

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