6 Creative Ways to Decorate with Holiday Cards

6 Creative Ways to Decorate with Holiday Cards

There are many ways to set the holiday mood at home. Among others, one of the best things to do is to display holiday cards. If you have already started receiving cards from family and friends, show it off to feel the holiday spirit in your house. Keep on reading and we’ll share some ideas on how you can do this.

You can also display cards that you made yourself. Check out this quick guide on how to make a card from Shutterfly.

  1. Make a Christmas Tree

One of the easiest ways to display Christmas cards is to use it for a make-shift tree. All that you need is to find a wall where you can attach the cards in the shape of a Christmas tree. To make it more interesting, add garlands and lights. This will give your home a more festive look without the need to spend a lot.

  1. Stuff in a Stocking

There are countless options when it comes to the best stocking stuffers. For something unique, why not use holiday cards? Do not just put it inside the stocking. Position it around the rim in such a way that you can still see most of the cards. If your kids have their respective stockings, put one card for each of them. If you are still looking for holiday stockings, don’t miss the selections available at

  1. Light It Up

Add a more romantic mood in any room by hanging a string of fairy lights and clipping Christmas cards that you would want to display. This is good if you want to have a dreamy bedroom. This also works best if you have a small living room that you want to look and feel more intimate.

  1. Use a Repurposed Wood

This is a good idea if you are looking for sustainable home décor for the holidays. All that you have to do is look for reclaimed wood. Find one with colors or patterns that will look good when placed against the wall. Use clips or pins to attach the cards in the wood. This is an easy way to add a rustic charm in any room.

  1. Tape It

This is another effortless way to display holiday cards. We are not talking about just any tape. Rather, you should be using washi tapes. They have unique colors and patterns that will stand out against the wall without overpowering the Christmas card.

  1. Cover with Greenery

Aside from a way of hanging Christmas cards, this also allows you to have a DIY garland. This works best in the stairs. Switch cards as you receive them throughout the season. Choose fresh greens for the garland to make it more unique.

Christmas cards don’t need to be hidden. Consider our suggestions above to show them off at home while making the house more festive. They will make a great addition to your holiday décor!


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