Does Repair Affect The Overall Life Of The Fence

Does Repair Affect The Overall Life Of The Fence

Every fence has an estimated lifespan, and the one way to ensure that it serves its life purpose is by fulfilling its need for timely repairs. The fact of the matter is that repairs are crucial for ensuring that the fence outlasts its life.


If your fence suffers from a sagging section, for instance, ignoring the matter will eat away its overall life. Moreover, the sagging section will gradually take a toll on the rest of the unaffected sections of the fence. However, an instant repair will make sure that the entire fence is in good shape and the problem area is fixed as well.

Getting your fence repaired

By now, two pointers are clear. Firstly, getting your fence repaired is essential for adding years to its life. If the repair work is put on the backburner, it will only reduce the years from its life on the whole.


Secondly, if repair work is delayed, it can aggravate the fence’s condition and impact other areas as well. This can impair the entire structure of the fence, leaving it useless concerning its purpose. What’s more, the extensive damage may call for a replacement of the fence, which is a costly option.


Therefore, it is important that you get your fence repaired in time. In this regard, it is also best that you pay attention to the maintenance of your fence. It is essential to note here that maintenance work for your fence depends on its material. Hence, the steps needed here are different for a wrought iron fence, a wooden fence, and a vinyl fence to name a few.

Expanding the life of the fence on the whole

To make the most of the money you spent on your fence’s installation, don’t neglect the repair work needed from time to time due to common fence concerns. The average price of fence installation stands at $2,388 as per ImproveNet’s fence installation cost calculator.

The same source also reveals that the average price range lies between $1,733 to $2,680. This price can go as high as $5,139. Once you make such a significant investment, it is best to preserve it by maintaining and repairing your fence as per its need.


The natural life of a fence is dependent on several factors such as the climate of your area. However, the chief factor that determines the life of a fence is its building material. A case in point here is a wooden fence. Three main wood types used in the making of fences are spruce, cedar, and pine.


Spruce has a life of 4-7 years, cedar lasts for 15-30 years, and pine lasts for approximately 5-12 years. Your fence can last for these many years only if it is well-cared for and repaired when needed.

Saving yourself from major expenses by repairing a fence

HomeAdvisor reports that fence replacement costs fall within the price range of $1,691 – $3,981 with the average expense being $2,744. In certain instances, this cost can go up to $6,000 or stay as low as $826.

Naturally, if you don’t give fence repair the time and attention it deserves, you will have to keep these prices for fence replacement in mind. In contrast, the prices of fence repair work are not that high.


On average, you can get your fence repaired within $276 – $779 on average according to HomeAdvisor. Moreover, your cost can be as low as $50 or as high as $1,800. Common sense also narrates that the exact price for fence repair work depends on several factors such as the material, height, and the extent of damage of the fence.

To give you an idea of the expense as per the damage, note that Fence Repair costs for wood rot lie between $150 to $500. Similarly, the cost of fixing fallen fence sections is $140 and $400. You can get any holes and cracks fixed for $124 to $367. Lastly, the average cost for setting fence posts replaced is between $134 to $400.


If you compare fence repair and replacement costs, you will note substantial differences between the two. The simple takeaway here is that fence repair is reasonable so you can easily dedicate money to it.

On the other hand, replacement costs are high, and it is best to avoid replacement until your fence is entirely worn out and you have no other option at your disposal.

Concluding thoughts

In a nutshell, fence repair boosts the overall life of your fence. It prevents any damage in the fence from spreading to affect other areas in your body. Moreover, uncared fences fail to serve their purpose, which can set the need for a fence replacement. This is far more pricey than the costs of repair. Thus, timely repairs are critical.

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