How to Throw a Birthday Party without Harming the Environment

How to Throw a Birthday Party without Harming the Environment

Life is but a party. No one should need a reason to celebrate, but if it is your birthday or that of a loved one, you just can’t let the day pass without making it memorable. However, we must make sure the party doesn’t hurt anyone.

No, we aren’t just talking about your neighbors being bothered by loud music. We are talking about Mother Nature.

As bitter as it sounds, parties are really hurting our planet. From disposable plates to confetti sprays, none of it is eco-friendly. It is not just the venue that gets trashed. The whole environment suffers, and no one really cleans it up.

That doesn’t mean you should throw parties. You can throw better, more eco-friendly parties instead. It isn’t that difficult. Here is how it is done.

Start with the Invites

You might be tempted to send those cool invite boxes or maybe just the creative birthday cards by post, but these ideas are just as much a burden on the planet as on the pockets.

Thankfully, the digital revolution allows us to make more eco-conscious decisions. You can send an invite through an email or any instant messaging app. Also, you can advise your guests to make sure they aren’t contributing to the problem. Tell them to avoid paper gift-wraps. They can use recycled paper or a reusable option such as cloth wrap.

If you really want to send invites by post, choose greener paper. Make your own paper and infuse some seeds into it. This will send a stronger message and your guest will take words more seriously.  

Say No to Disposables

Disposable plates, cutlery, straws, and cups are a huge environmental concern. That includes paper plates as well as plastic ones. Use real crockery and cutlery that is washable and reusable. You can even have metal straws or completely omit straws altogether.

It is understandable that they are easy to use and spare you a lot of washing later, but isn’t our planet worth a little effort?

If you are inviting just your close friends and family, you shouldn’t feel bad about asking them to bring their own plates and cutlery just to reduce the trash.

Let Nature Take Care

Forget fancy backdrops and buntings. Why do you need all that fancy decoration when you can have a natural backdrop? Beautiful bushes and plants can create a beautiful setting. It is always best to choose an outdoor venue since can save a lot of time and energy.

Make it a daylight event and you won’t have to worry about lighting or electricity bill. You can strategically place pots and cases of beautiful flowers to create the stage. Nature will take care of so many aspects on your behalf, and that too without making you feel guilty later. This old school way of decorating can help you throw a vintage themed party. Nothing is classier than that.

Be Careful with Games

Games are an indispensable part of any birthday party but they are also the messiest. It is alarming that most games involve thrashing and trashing these days. They involve using several disposable items, and some even involve wasting food.

Steer clear of such games. You can have a lot of fun with the good old musical chair that just takes a few chairs. Hopscotch is another great option that everyone can enjoy on a birthday. Board games that are already available at your home is also a good idea. Truth or dare games or dumb charades are also interesting options that don’t involve a lot of props.

If you must make a piñata, use old newspaper from your own home to create a piñata with minimal waste. Also, use a solar efficiency calculator if you use solar panels around your house for increased performance.

Cook Your Own Food

Most people prefer packaged food when they throw a party. Let’s be honest, it rarely tastes good and creates a lot of waste. Even when you order a cake from a bakery, that is a wasteful process.

You can do a lot better job on your own. You can but an organic and fresh product to minimize waste. And baking a cake isn’t that big of a hassle as it sounds. If you aren’t sure about your culinary skills, you can always ask a friend or a friend of a friend who has a home-based baking business.

You can ask them to use the scraps and leftover fondant to create something else like cake pops. Don’t let a single piece of that cake go to waste.

Make Thoughtful Goody Bags

Goody bags are the most exciting bits about birthdays, but they usually turn out to be a major disappointment. They are usually filled with dollar store products that no one busy for themselves. Plus, they are packed in cheap plastic bags. That is such a waste.

Instead of goody bags with multiple items, you can make pouches out of clothes and full it with just one or two useful items. For kids, it can be a stationary item instead of cheap toys. For adults, you can go for a handmade soap bar or an eco-friendly candle.

While we are talking about goodies, let’s just accept the fact that there is no harm in asking your guests to bring eco-friendly gifts or no gift at all.

Put Properly Labeled Bins

No matter how much you try, it is almost impossible to throw a zero-waste party. There will be some waste and you should make sure it is properly sorted. Place at least through properly labeled bins for a different kind of waste such as food, paper, plastic, etc.

Make sure both the bins and the labels are easily visible.


It is possible to throw a party without compromising the planet and contributing to pollution. You just need to make this planet your priority and align every little decision accordingly.

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