Kitchen Appliances You Really Don’t Need (And How to Get Rid of Those)

Kitchen Appliances You Really Don’t Need (And How to Get Rid of Those)

There’s probably an appliance for every problem you have faced in the kitchen. As tempting as it might seem to go and get one of those in the time of need, chances are you’ll use them once a year, or even not at all. In the end, you’re left with an expensive toy that you never use.

Here are some appliances you don’t need:

Bread Machine

Bread makers are one of those appliances that people instinctively buy in the hope of making healthy, homemade bread. Eventually, it ends up collecting dust in the storage. And when you think about it, you don’t need it, since you already have everything you need to make bread – your oven.

Baby food maker

Buying a baby food maker to give your child fresh veggies and fruit should be a sound choice. However, soon you’ll see that you can easily boil and steam vegetables yourself and mash them with a fork. So, why would you spend money on a machine that does something so simple?

Popcorn machine

With a popcorn maker, you heat the whole kernels to the point when popcorn flies out on the top. Popcorn made this way is delicious, but you can make it in no time using a microwave or a stove. If you buy microwaveable corn, throw it inside for a couple of minutes, and wait. To make it on the stove, throw some kernels in the pot on the stove.

Pasta maker

Why would you even consider buying a pasta maker, when dry pasta is so easy to get? It just isn’t worth the investment, since it takes a lot of time to prepare everything, and then clean afterward. What you thought might be a time saver turns out to be an inconvenience in the end.

Panini press

Although it might seem tempting to get one and start grilling bread or tortillas, in reality, you don’t need one. First of all, they can sometimes be heavy to move around, and secondly, you certainly have everything you need in your kitchen, like a stove, a frying pan and something to put on top of the sandwich to weigh it down and grill it.

Here are five ways to get rid of them:

Throw them away

Australian Greenhouse Office claims that 29% of energy usage in Australian households comes from the use of appliances. Therefore, it’s wisest to get rid of any devices that don’t work correctly or are not absolutely necessary in your home. Fortunately, there are professionals that can help you take care of that waste. Consider contacting experts for skip hire in Brisbane and get a container that meets all of your needs.

Sell them

Just as you bought one of those appliances, chances are some people will be happy to buy it from you. And you can get solid money for devices in proper working order. Even if it doesn’t work, someone might be interested in buying it for spare parts.

Give to others

If you don’t see any interest in selling appliances for close to nothing, being charitable is the way to go. Almost any charity organization will accept this gift from you, and find it good use. So, you’ll be helping out someone else, and getting rid of something you no longer need.

Pay the store

When you get a new appliance, delivery guys can take the old one for you. Even though it’s not cheap, it’s easier than trying to dispose of it yourself. However, you have to buy something first to be able to pay them to take your appliance away.


Recycling electrical appliances is always a smart option. You can donate your appliances to be refurbished and reused for new products. Alternatively, you can visit an authorized recycling center, and sell your goods for a small but reasonable fee.


Having a wide choice of appliances is useful, especially if you spend a large chunk of your time in the kitchen. However, those appliances that won’t get used regularly shouldn’t find their way to your household. Be resourceful and try to find a different solution to your problem. Almost any task in the kitchen can be pulled off without the expensive gadgets!

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