Dozen Stylish Ways To Display Traveling Photos

Dozen Stylish Ways To Display Traveling Photos

Do you like taking photos? All people like photography, especially when they are traveling. It’s so cool to document your traveling experience and share your emotions with your friends and guests. You can easily take a car from Enterprise car rental Guadalajara airport and get to the cities which are difficult to reach. Clean and cozy hotels make you feel comfortable. But only good and bright pictures will make you keep these moments in your memory. Let’s take a look at some creative ways to place your traveling of family pictures in your home or office.

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Of course, the easiest and so-called traditional way to display your photos is placing them on the wall just above or around your working area. This is a place where you spend much time and can admire them often. Try to pick the best and the brightest pictures! Also, you can make them black-and-white to make your space more creative.


If you have a bunch of small photos, you can organize them into the large frame. How big? It depends on how many pictures you have. Sometimes, it looks like a giant negative! So, don’t be lazy and take as many interesting pictures as you can.


Here’s another idea! You can place your pictures into the larger frames. Use background sheets of different colors. It looks interesting.


How about combining black-and-white photos and colors photos? You can place them symmetrical or in any other way you like and place in your living room. It looks impressive.


If you want to impress your friends you can try to place the best of your pictures into the glassy bottles of different forms and sizes. It’s like a classic ship in the bottle.


Do you want to know the easiest but creative way to hang your photos all over the room? Just use some clips and metal wires to hang your pictures along the wall. Make sure they are parallel.

Living Room



Of course, you can also use pallets for decoration. Just organize a small shelf along the wall, paint them and add some decorations. The creative shelf for displaying photos is ready. It is very convenient to change photos.


If you want your home design looks modern, you can modernize a shelf along the wall. Make it wooden, long, and sleek. Also, try to make your photos large in size to place on that shelf. Play with colors. You can make a simple dark shelf and use black frames for your photos.


Do you want to impress your guests? Just gather all your traveling pictures and make a photo wall in your living room. It is better it the wall is painted light. You can stick your pictures to the wall in different ways. The most popular way to display them is using shelves. Make the shelves the same color as the wall to focus on your photos.


You can try to display your photos in the dining room at the dining table. That’s so sweet to share memories when the whole family gathers together at the dining table.

A living room in Berlin


Black-and-white photos are popular and look stylish. It can be a decoration for any room and interior. You may make them different shapes and sizes. Just pick the wall you want to decorate with your black-and-white masterpiece.


If the wall is bright and multicolored, you can also decorate it with black-and-white photos. They will look even brighter then! Also, you can add different effects to your pictures like sepia or blur.



Of course, you can find your own variant to create a special place to display your traveling or family pictures. But if the pictures are interesting, they will always grab people’s attention, even if you can’t place them properly. Here are three conditions every traveling photographer should know about:

  • Get closer

If you want to take the brightest pictures, try to get closer to the subject.

  • Think about the light, not the view

What you see on the picture mostly depends on where you are shooting from. It really matters whether you are standing in front of the subject or from the sides and it often differs from what your camera ultimately reproduces. Try to take a good position and watch the light.

  • Move

Moving photos are the best, especially if we talk about traveling. You are always moving around. So, why don’t you show it on your photos? Just find interesting background and move a few steps forward or back. Also, you can step aside or jump. Of course, moving pictures will impress your friends and look great on the wall. Also, you can try to take so-called alive moving pictures when you are swimming, surfing, climbing the mountain or even sky diving.

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