Making a New Bedroom in the Basement

Making a New Bedroom in the Basement

When main floor space has all been maxed out, then it’s the time for you to add a fourth bedroom. Basement renovation is a good way to make an additional living space, without spending much money and time. There are things that you need to keep in mind before starting a basement renovation. First of all your project plan should outline allowable budget, estimated costs and projected schedule. Your plan should be flexible and you may need to change it at different stages of the project. When created and managed properly, the project plan can be a valuable tool that you can rely on.

You should start looking through the home improvement store, the Internet and magazines. You should have a good idea of your design goal and what to expect. You may find a designer that you hire at a reasonable fee. As a consultant, the professional could provide great ideas and solutions to existing problems. In some cases, you may want to do part or the entire work yourself. You need to follow the procedure and make sure that you understand the likely issues. So, when working with the consultant, you should make sure to ask proper questions.

First of all, you need to inspect the basement to find various problems. First of all, if you need to duck often to avoid bumping your head on the duct or the beam, then the basement may not be a convenient place for a bedroom. Check for any trace of mold or moisture on the walls or floor. This is particularly true if the basement smell musty. Look for any big crack in the floor or walls. These cracks could cause moisture to seep in and in some case, they indicate potential structural issues. If you find various issues in the basement, the renovation cost can be even higher than predicted.

Ask whether you need a building permit for the renovation work. A permit may not be needed if you don’t alter the structure of your house, but there’s nothing to confirm it. If you want to make your basement more convenient as bedroom, make sure that the air circulation is acceptable. In some cases, you need to additional windows at specific corners to let the air in and out. If you think that the basement feels humid, you may need a dehumidifier. During winter, the basement can be quite cold, so an extra heating will be needed. Often, you also need bathroom in the basement.

Often, you need to have more outlets, heat registers and others Smoke detector is essential, because smoke could accumulate easily inside the basement. To improve air circulation, reduce humidity and reduce risk of dangerous smoke inhalation, there should be at least an exhaust fan. If there’s fireplace, furnace or gas appliance inside or near the basement, you need to have carbon dioxide detector. Carbon monoxide is an odourless gas and can kill people in their sleep. Again, having exhaust fan is essential to avoid having dangerous level of carbon dioxide in your basement.

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