Unique Design: 7 Hotels with Stunning Engineering Solutions

Unique Design: 7 Hotels with Stunning Engineering Solutions

Any traveler has his personal opinion concerning a place to stay – someone needs a budget room, someone pays attention to the location of the hotel, and someone wants to find something unusual.

For those of the latter type, every city in any country in the world has hotels that are distinguished by incredible engineering solutions in terms of design. Such hotels look like real masterpieces, which makes travelers stay in them.

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Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort

Where: Huzhou, China

The hotel building, shaped like a horseshoe, has a height of 27 floors and is located in a picturesque place near Lake Taihu. The unique shape of the hotel embodies the poetic image of infinity and unity, spreading around the water landscape.

The ring connects with its reflection in the water and looks very surreal, especially in the dark. The authors of the project of this amazing building are MAD Architects.



Where: Tepoztlan, Mexico

The hotel is located in a cozy park and consists of 20 concrete sewer pipes with a diameter of 2.5 meters and a length of 3.5 meters, grouped in 3 pieces and designed to accommodate two people.

The room contains a bed, a fan and a place to store belongings. All other amenities are located nearby, in a separately equipped space. Inspired by thoughts about the post-apocalypse or people-bees, the hotel is very popular among guests, being a local exotic with a fairly low cost of rooms.


Skylodge Adventure Suites

Where: Urubamba, Peru

Not only songs are dedicated to the madness of the brave, but also transparent capsules on the rocks are built. Three booths have the most comfortable amenities for 4 people – of course, as far as possible in these conditions.

Capsules are divided into 3 parts: a bedroom, a dining area and a bathroom. Extreme apartments are manually mounted in aluminum and polycarbonate and use solar energy.



Where: Harads, Sweden

This is an eco-hotel for the fans of nature and solitude, nestled among trees in a forest in northern Sweden. The uniqueness of the 6 rooms of this hotel is that they all have an amazing shape, merging with the surrounding landscape.

The ‘mirror cube’ is perfectly masked – the forest is reflected in it and it’s not so simple to find it. The ‘UFO suite’ is an alien ship hovering among the trees, contrasting, and at the same time, perfectly integrating into the general concept, designed to impress visitors.

The ‘Bird’s Nest’ combines internal and external contradictions – on the outside the room looks like a nest of a huge bird, and inside it’s a cozy bright room for a family of 4 people.

Room ‘Cabin’ was born due to the desire of designers to create a platform for a romantic couple, with windows overlooking the Lule River.

A ‘wooden sauna’ is more than just a forest sauna. This is harmony with all four elements of nature. ‘Cone’ is the simplest and most affordable construction of the complex, making it possible to enjoy the stunning atmosphere of the hotel even for people with reduced mobility.


Inntel Amsterdam Zaandam Hotel

Where: Zaandam, Netherlands

The hotel is presented with about 70 Dutch-style houses stacked on top of each other, and forming an amazingly bright building of 12 floors, which has become a real attraction of Zaandam.

The authors were inspired to create such an unusual work of architecture by Claude Mode’s painting called ‘The Blue House in Zaandam’.


Havenkraan Harlingen

Where: Harlingen, Netherlands

A crane has been in the harbor of Harlingen since 1957. In the late 90s, the crane’s lifetime was exhausted, and when local authorities tried to dismantle it, it was decided to provide the construction with a new role.

In the former crane operator’s cabin and technical rooms, a full double room with a terrace was created. This unique single room at the height of a five-story building is the Havenkraan Hotel. The crane still works, so the cabin can be rotated 360 degrees, constantly changing the view from the window.


Keemala Eco Resort

Where: Phuket, Thailand

When developing a project for this unique hotel, the architects were inspired by the legend of four clans who settled on the island in ancient times and formed their own communities.

The settler philosophy implied respect for both one another and nature. The hotel complex fully follows this philosophy. The territory is divided into 4 parts – in each area there are villas made in a special style and mainly from bamboo.

Some of the rooms are located on the ground and have a more traditional style of decoration, while the rest of the rooms are similar to cocoons and bird nests on trees.

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