11 DIY Tech Hacks to Make Your Home More Interesting

11 DIY Tech Hacks to Make Your Home More Interesting

In this digital era, where changing anything and access to almost every basic human necessity is just a click away. Even if we are lost in a city, our smartphones, running on a good internet connection, can guide us in a moment’s spur. Like most of us, I also have the fear called the fear of missing out (FOMO) which is why I keep trying to match the speeding pace of the digital world.

The learning and observing process of digital or technical advancement is addictive; the hacks and finding out easier solutions is really interesting. I have been an active customer of Spectrum Triple Play Packages for a long time now which is why I have decided to utilize these services for something productive and helpful, hence, this blog post.  So, today I am sharing my tried and tested tech hacks to make your home an even more amusing and interesting place.


  1. Manage Your Daily Wardrobe

For the fashion enthusiasts and people who have no time to decide what to wear all week long for work, meetings and various other occasions, there is an app called Style book which lets you upload the articles in your wardrobe. You can compare and contrast your clothing items via this app. This virtual closet saves your time.


  1. Become a Genie

How would you feel like if you arrive home from a long hectic weekend and can’t find keys to enter your own house? This is pretty annoying. losing the keys may or may not be your fault especially when you have to manage a hectic routine whilst taking care of everything else. It’s bothersome, to say the least, right? The good news is – gone are those days when one had to worry about all such things; thanks to the technology like smart locks. This DIY user-friendly app only requires a smartphone in your pocket to do the magic and BAM! It will unlock your door in a jiffy.


  1. Concealed Speakers

If you enjoy DIY tech ventures and love listening to music whilst practicing DIY tutorials, here’s another opportunity for you. Concealed ceiling speakers make your place audio-equipped and you can do it all by yourself. You can also enjoy streaming music from whichever room you want. You can further customize it for an in-house party. You can set an alarm as well for all the rooms, or any one room.

  1. Set-up Your Personal Solar Panels

If you are focusing on saving this month and are also concerned about the environment, solar panels would be a great choice. It will help you achieve both of your goals. As a matter of fact, if you make use of the right tactics, you can install it all by yourself! It’s not that easy of a job, though. Someone who is a tech-savvy can manage.


  1. Smart-Greet Your Guests

You can now better your hospitality game by getting a smart doorbell like Ring or SkyBell. It will definitely leave an impact on your guests once they hear you greeting them from a doorbell system. It will also serve as a system of security to your home as, with this app, you will know whoever is at the doorstep.


  1. Turn Your Smartphone into a Projector

We all, once in our lifetimes, have wanted a projector or home theater. Here is a simple yet inexpensive DIY project which will make your smart-phone a projector by just experimenting a few common domestic items:

  1. A magnifying glass, ii. A shoe box, iii. A paperclip, and iv. An electrical tape.

These technology hacks are great ideas for your kids for a movie night on the weekends. Better yet, invite all your friends over to your place and have a entertaining cinematic experience.


  1. Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal on the Cheap

Without spending much of your money on the extension of Wi-Fi range in the pursuit of a stronger connection, you just need about $0.25 to buy an aluminum foil, tear a bit of it in a rectangular shape and fold down the aluminum foil edges to construct a frame. Placing this foil frame behind your Wi-Fi router’s antennae will help in strengthening the Wi-Fi signals. You will definitely get better download speeds.


  1. Paint lighter colors to make the room feel bigger

Whenever you feel like adding more space to your home or office, just visually and not literally, use lighter and softer colors such as white, off-white or beige for painting walls and roof. One of the reasons, these colors are so popular while painting the walls, roof or any part of the room or workplace is that it gives a smaller place an illusion to appear bigger than it actually is. If white tones are dull for your taste, go for straw, pearl grey, blush, sage, sky blue or eggshell.


  1. Get a Light Dimmer

Good news for all the people like me, who don’t want annoying bright lights during daytime or even night time can get a Light Dimmer that manages the lighting in your house. Now you can control all the lights in your home from wherever you are and whenever you want, with Lutron kit. For all those who own an Amazon Echo, you can control it using your voice.


  1. Pet Camera for monitoring your pets

If you are away from home but want to monitor your beloved pets, you have Pet Camera to meet your needs. In order to make sure your pets are not chewing your bedsheets or any important piece of paper when you are outside, you can keep an eye on them 24/7 through Petcube.

  1. Wireless Garage Door Sensor

This device will let you monitor and manage your garage door remotely through your smartphone. The best part is, you can control and monitor it when away from home as well, by simply using Wi-Fi or your cellular network.


The bottom-line is

As an interior designing student and now a professional consultant, besides my mentor and friends, Google has been a great support. Seeing interior designing ideas from all over the world, YouTube, the latest trends and ideas, have always been inspiring. The best idea is to get a stable internet connection that lets you use Instagram and Pinterest for a daily or weekly dose of updates. Also, get in touch with bloggers and groups on social media where aspiring interior designers and professionals keep posting interesting and informative content.

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