Things to See in the City Park: Landscaping Ideas

Things to See in the City Park: Landscaping Ideas

New York is a huge territory you have to look around during the vacation. The life tempo is fast so that you’d better rent a car to visit as many places as you can. Want to try exotic? You can taste some street food or rent a manual car in NYC. The variety of fast-food dishes will impress you a lot. Manual cars are really exotic in America. Looking for a quiet place to run away from a noisy street or just spend some time with friends, you should go to the city park or garden. Honestly, it’s a good habit of locals to spend every free minute in the open, especially in summer.

Where to go?

There are thousands of parks and green spots in the Central America. So, whenever you are, there must be a green space to have picnic, do exercises, or get some sleep in the grass.

New York


  1. Do Exercises

Most of the parks have specially equipped spots to get fit in your own time. Of course, you cannot find the latest brand sport gear, just simple equipment like bikes, bars, weights to work with your own weight. You can find many of them in New York. Locals call these places the green gym and volunteers take care of them. You have a chance to work on your problem or just let off stream. Even if you are not good at sport, you can try it. It’s free! There is also a special app for all New Yorkers, who are trying to find a good friendly environment to work in the open.

  1. Play Balls

The game came from France and British and American people play balls on a specially equipped ground. Anyway, you can try to play balls even on the grass. It must be funny. All you need is a set of plastic balls and follow the game instruction.

  1. Play Cricket

This game needs many people to play and special sport gear to use it when playing. Nevertheless, you can try to play French cricket as you don’t need special field or cricket gear for that, just a tennis ball. Find a good park and ask your family join you this weekend.

Йога  Yoga in Odintsovo


  1. Go Running

Walking or jogging is a free and simple way to stay active and healthier. Of course, it would be great to do it surrounded by flowers and trees. So, it’s time to find a park for your morning run! There is an old local activity – so called Parkruns. It’s when people gather together every morning and take run in the city parks. Try it!

  1. Play Tennis

Tennis lawns are equipped in different city parks and gardens. If you need something for rent like a tennis racket or tennis ball, you can take it right here in the park. Sometimes, it’s free. Anyway, table tennis or big tennis is good to start active leisure.

Fishing boat


  1. Go Boating

Beautiful lakes are often met in the city parks or gardens. Sometimes there is a sense to hire a boat, canoe, yacht, water bike and have a voyage around the lake. It’s a good sport, by the way. Riding a boat can be very romantic if you are boating with someone dear to your heart or funny when you take your kids with you.

  1. Do Yoga

Yoga training makes your body stronger. The exercises are mostly focused on developing your strengths, flexibility, and breathing technics. If you don’t know where to start and feel really bored to do yoga alone by YouTube lessons, you can join a yoga class. As a rule, the classes are divided into small groups according to your preparation level. Talk to your yoga instructor. Most of the classes are conducted once or twice a week in the park for free. Sometimes, you have to pay for yoga. Don’t forget to buy a mat and a training suit. Even if you are not ready for a yoga class but suddenly met a group in the park, you can easily join them.

Mein Frisbee


  1. Play Frisbee

Park is not only for sport and relaxation. You can take your family with you and play frisbee. This is the cheapest sport gear you can buy. No doubts, you can play frisbee even if you are in the park with your dog! Americans like playing frisbee. Sometimes you can meet a team of Frisbee players in the park.

People often go to the park to hide from their problems. Nature will always help you to forget everything bad you had before. If you feel like it’s time for renovation, go to the park! You can go to the park even if you don’t need a nature therapy. Just take your friends and get ready for the park activities.

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