Holiday Cleaning Hacks: Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Celebrations

Holiday Cleaning Hacks: Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Celebrations

Spring is around the corner, which means you will be doing some intense spring cleaning around the house. And before you know, it will be time for summer holidays. There will be some holiday cleaning to do too. Just a few months later, the fall will bring in another season of holiday cleaning.

It is like holiday cleaning all year round. After all, you gotta get your home ready for all the guests and celebrations. According to a survey, billions of dollars are spent on holiday celebrations every year. This expense involves cleaning and prep as well.

Holiday cleaning, however, doesn’t have to be such a chore. It can be fun and effortless. You just need to know the right hacks and tricks.

We have got you covered!

Let’s take a look at some of the smartest holiday cleaning hacks we have:

Remember the top to bottom rule

If you don’t want to spend your time cleaning the places you have already cleaned, then keep the top to bottom rule in mind.

Always start your cleaning from the top and move downwards. For instance, if you have a ceiling fan, start with that. Then you can move on to the walls. If you clean the items on the floor before the ones that are higher, the dust from the latter will settle back. This will spread dirt on the items you have already cleaned.

Smart Hack: Use the vacuum cleaner as a multipurpose cleaning tool. It will suck the dust off everything including curtains and couches in the room. Most vacuums come with different heads that can be used for different purposes. Use them!

Focus on areas with guests

You don’t have to scrub and clean every nook and corner of the house. If you have a holiday party at your home, you can limit your cleaning activity to the rooms where your guests will be. They won’t be scavenging all the rooms looking for traces of dust. They are most likely to stay in the living room, on the porch, or around the food table.

Smart Hack: Limit the area for your guests by placing snacks and water in one room. People are most likely to stay where the food is. Also, put comfortable chairs or even bean bags in one room. This way the guests won’t roam around the entire home.

Make your kitchens smell nice

You don’t have to vigorously scrub every surface in your kitchen before the party. If you can make it seem clean, that is more than enough. Organizing it properly is a great way to make a kitchen seem cleaner. Remove unnecessary items from the table and from the top of the cabinets. Put them inside the cupboards or drawers.

Wipe the surfaces off with lemon and vinegar. Make sure there is no foul smell in the kitchen. If it smells nice, it will naturally appear cleaner.

Smart Hack: Focus on the refrigerator. Throw away all the leftovers and use a mix of lemon and soda to get rid of the odor. Your guests are likely to take a peek into the fridge. It can reveal a lot about your cleaning habits.

Don’t forget the bathrooms

No matter how much you scrub it clean, your bathroom is bound to get dirty. We all know guests who have little respect for keeping other’s bathrooms clean. However, that shouldn’t stop you from cleaning it. A great way to keep the bathroom looking and smelling good is to keep a bunch of scented candles around the tip. Light them just a few moments before your guests arrive. That will keep the odd smell masked throughout the party.

Smart Hack: Your bathroom can look a hundred times cleaner if you can get the grout clean. So, it is best to focus your time and energy on problem areas like these. Grout and corners of the bathrooms tend to attract grime. Use a good organic cleaner or make one with vinegar and lemon to scrub those problem areas.

Don’t let the bugs bite

The last thing you need is your guests complaining about bugs in your house. But let’s face it. Bugs tend to invade our homes during holiday seasons. They don’t want to stay out in the extreme temperature. Apart from being a nuisance, bugs can cause a number of health issues. You don’t want your niece to catch an infection from your home, right?

Just make sure all the entryways are properly closed. If your windows don’t have a mesh or a screen, consider having those. Don’t let the moisture or mold set in.

Smart Hack: Instead of using harsh chemicals for exterminations, go for the safer proof bug spray. Chemical-free organic options will keep you and your guests safe from the adverse effects of toxins.

Keep garbage bins everywhere

Now that you have your home clean and sparkly, the last thing you want is your guests throwing bits and pieces everywhere. A nice way to remind everyone to be a little conscious and considerate is to put bins everywhere. Put a bin right where it can be seen. There is no harm in asking the guests to throw their disposable plates in the bin. However, it is best to lead by example.

Don’t be the one to litter and others will follow.

Smart Hack: This may sound like a lot of hard work, but disposable plates aren’t really your best friend. Washing dishes might take some time, but they are great since no one tears them to pieces. Also, it is a much greener option.


So, holiday cleaning isn’t too much of a hassle. Just focus on the core places where the guests would be sitting. Emphasize on making the area seem cleaner and smell fresher. Keep in mind that hygiene is equally important. So use toxin-free disinfectants and bug sprays to keep all risks at bay. With these smart hacks, you will be able to keep your home clean and tidy for any celebration.

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