How to Renovate Your Small Bathroom?

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How to Renovate Your Small Bathroom?

Tom Marvolo Riddle made an entire Chamber of Secrets in the bathroom.

But if you’re not the Dark Lord himself, chances are that you shouldn’t be spending too much worrying about the bathroom size!

But that is not how it always works!

People fuss over their bathroom sizes not just when considering a house to buy, but even while they live in their houses. So, a small bathroom can be your continuous cause of worry in a house.

Of Bathrooms and Renovations

So much so that people will have their entire houses renovated to make room for bigger bathrooms. It isn’t a surprise that the global market for bathroom accessories has been constantly rising.

global-bathroom accessories market

But spending money on renovation and remodeling of your bathrooms is not always a bad thing. You can find that the Return on Investment of such a venture can be about 70 percent when you sell your house.

But then again, you don’t sell your house every day, do you? And most people that will spend on bathroom renovations will want to stay back and use it anyway.

The only problem is deciding on the right renovations for a small bathroom. And while some might think your bathroom is not as important as other areas in your house, we disagree.

A bathroom is much more than just another area in your house. If you think about it, most people would consider their bathrooms as the only peaceful areas in their homes where they could just sit back and read.

Perhaps that is why about 56% of people read while in their bathrooms. Bathrooms also spur your creativity (and not just when you are a child). About 40% of people confess to coming up with their smartest ideas whilst in the bathroom.

So, what’s your take on why your bathrooms are not as important as the rest of the rooms in the house?

But wait,

Before you get on with the major hustle and bustle, we would suggest that you should take steps to deep clean your bathroom.

Problems with a Small Bathroom

Here are some issues that you are most likely to be facing during your bathroom renovation project:

  • The Size: the most fundamental problem is that you will not have the space to add in your favorite fixtures and fittings.
  • The Fixtures and Fittings: A small bathroom size means that standard fitting is often too big for your bathroom.
  • Expertise: Take the plunge if you have to, there are a few perfect candidates out there, who have right incantations and the magic wand!

BUT….. every problem has a solution!

Believe it or not, but by the time you are done reading this article, you too will believe that your small bathroom renovation project is not such a far off goal to achieve.

And if you still think that job is impossible, a few detailed renovations can make your lavatory feeling brand new again too!

Mirrors for the hidden space!

First things first, the size. Now, this is something that you definitely cannot work your way around – unless you are willing to knock down a wall and borrow some space for the bathroom. But to be honest, that would cost a ton of money and is also quite a drastic step. So what are you to do?

We have one word for you – mirrors! Reflective surfaces have been used to save the day and amp up the look of a small space for centuries, especially if that space is a bathroom! But you already know that you can’t have a bathroom without a bathroom mirror. What’s new about this, you ask?

Well, the idea is to place large mirrors in your bathroom in such a way that it reflects the lights, making your space appear bigger and brighter. Such decorative mirrors do not only change the entire look of your bathroom but are also pretty functional when you want to check up on your outfit. That is like killing two birds with one stone!

Walk in shower! How cool is that!

If you are looking to spazz up the look and your tub is leaking. We suggest that instead of getting it repaired, remove it!

Yes, you heard it right. Get rid of it and get a built-in shower made. Less space usage and a luxurious feel.


It is much easier to clean too.

Sink it!

Small bathrooms with sink with pedestals take up space. Space is one thing we are short of here now. So we have one perfect solution.

Get a hanging sink and build a cabinet beneath it. This helps you add storage space without the clutter being seen. Also, it adds a neater look to the whole bathroom.

Glass door-royalty much?

Don’t worry, we have promised, so nothing expensive coming up. Glass door addition in the walk-in shower area gives privacy and, at the same time doesn’t compromise on the space. It helps adds the oomph factor in very reasonable prices!

Bring in the uniformity

A really nice way to renovate your bathroom to bring the high-end feel is to bring in uniformity. Usually, there are different tiles used for the bath area, the backs of the toilet, and the shower area are different.

Bringing one uniform look throughout gives a clean touch and brings out the accessories more prominently, creating the perfect look.

Hook it for the look!

Adding towel bars is the thing of the past. Small bathrooms do not need these. Adding hooks that allow multiple hangings give you space and, at the same time spruce up the whole look. Here, we suggest that you should be going for some fancy ones to add the ritzy touch!

An ode to secret compartments

Having cabinets is a must. So, why not put it behind the mirrors?

Add a medicine cabinet with a mirror on top. So open and close the mirror for all your essentials. Enjoying the multiple touches can be just the perfect solution.

Final Word

If you need a little inspiration or a few ideas on how to jazz up your bathroom, you now have all the ammunition. So get working, and instead of fretting about less space, style it as the main power tool.

Make it a little escape heaven and enjoy!

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