6 Things You Didn’t Know Are Attracting Rats to Your Home

6 Things You Didn’t Know Are Attracting Rats to Your Home

Rats are much larger than mice and infinitely more daunting. You’d be forgiven if you simply wanted to move out and leave the pest control experts to deal with the issue.

Don’t forget that rats carry a variety of diseases, including hantavirus, leptospirosis, and salmonella.

But, while it’s a good idea to click here and find out more about your local experts, there are also 6 ways you’re attracting rats, that you probably didn’t know you were doing.  These are things that you can change.

  1. Warmth

The biggest reason rats come into your home is that they are looking for somewhere warm to set up home, especially as winter is approaching. This is actually the same as most pests but not something you can do much about, you also need to be warm.

However, you should be aware that rats will eat through wood and electric cables in order to get the best nest possible, which does increase the risk of you having a fire.

  1. Food

Alongside a warm nest, rats need food. If you often leave food out or don’t put it away inside a sealed container, then you’re effectively inviting the rats in.

It doesn’t matter what type of food it is, even waste food or debris from food prep can be appealing to a rat. You have to keep them secured and properly closed to prevent the rat from being attracted by them.

  1. Pet Waste

Rats are not fuzzy eaters, it’s not just your tasty morsels and leftovers they want to eat, they are also quite happy to eat dog feces or even compost in your garden.

In effect, by leaving these things piled there, you’re created a delicious feast for your rat friends and inviting them into your yard. The next step will logically be to check out your home and see what food is on offer.

  1. Drink

All animals need water to survive and rats are no different. Pet bowls, dripping hosepipes, gutters, and small puddles are all great signs of outside water which will keep the rats happy.

But, if you clear all the water sources away they’ll be happy to look inside your home for other water. Again, pet water and leaking pipes or faucets are the easiest options.

Make sure all sources of water are removed to decrease the chances of a rat issue.

  1. Access

A rat needs to be able to get into your home. That means you need to look for as many entry points as possible and then seal them up.

Pay particular attention to areas around the doors and windows, this is where gaps often appear, allowing rats and mice into your home.

  1. Plants

You probably never realized that your large indoor plant is very attractive to rats. They are very good at detecting the presence of fruit and they will be drawn to your plant. As well as potentially providing them with food, it’s tall enough to hide in and keep them safe.

Knowing what attracts them will help you to the steps to make your home less attractive, and eliminate rats for good.

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