How Much Should I Pay a Plumber Per Hour?

How Much Should I Pay a Plumber Per Hour?

Plumbing services may vary from toilet repair to drain cleaning, faucet installation or replacement. The prices they quote might take you by surprise, initially. It makes you wonder the reason behind it. And you keep on looking for an affordable plumber.

For starters, it’s essential to understand that plumbers are generally quite expensive. It is a highly specialized profession that requires hundreds of training hours to gain expertise.  Plus, they make house calls. This adds up to their overall expenditure as they have to invest in equipment, vehicle, gas, overhead, and tools.

A plumbing pro knows how to handle multiple issues. They can work anywhere in your home, depending upon the need. Survey shows that jobs related to plumbing and the likes shall grow in the upcoming years. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for plumbers will grow by 16% in the coming years. That’s because of the increasing architecture and infrastructural projects across the nations.

However, there must be some criterion to fix the charges for plumbing. You must do your homework before hiring a plumber. Get to know the prevalent prices for the services you need. Find those who are offering the same rates. But before you make the final call, make sure they have a license to work in the field.

Here is a quick rundown of the standard, hourly charges in the field, at present:

Hourly Charges

Costs of hiring a plumber depend upon several factors. It relies on the nature of the job, the time required to fix it, and how urgent it is. Most of the time, plumbers bill according to the hours. So regardless of how small a job is, this helps them cover their overhead costs.

We found that they may charge between $45 to $200 per hour. Whereas, the licensed professionals with years of expertise will often charge somewhere between $80 to $130.

Handyman Rates

Playing safe is the ultimate desire that compels a customer to go for the plumbing experts. However, at times, the problem isn’t as gigantic. Fixtures can be a piece of cake for an ordinary handyman. So for less complicated projects like replacing a kitchen sink pipe or unclogging a drain, it’s better to hire a handyman. They charge around $45 for an hour, which goes pretty easy on the pocket.

Master Plumber Hourly Charges

Complicated projects like gas line repair are not something that an apprentice can handle. We recommend that you must hire a master plumber. Yearning to cut money by hiring a journeyman can drag in higher charges in the future.

Expect to pay an extra $ 25 to $ 75 per hour when hiring services from a master plumber. They will take care of the entire job without relying on a journeyman. Make sure that the experts you hire have a license from the state and an endorsed work history.

Commercial and Residential Rates

Whether it is a residence or a workplace, you must address the plumbing problems instantly. The leaking water, for instance, can damage the flooring, foundations, and the ceiling. The resulting raw smell and rotten paint make it impossible to stay in that room/building.

Therefore, get a quote from a reliable plumber. Keep in mind that the rate of residential plumbing services may differ from the commercial ones where the latter charges an average of $100 each hour. Meanwhile, residential plumbers ask for $80 per hour.

Also, it may not be possible for residential plumbers to execute plumbing task in a commercial setting.  There is a gap in their skill sets.

Emergency Plumber Costs

As mentioned before, a leak or a burst pipe can cause a dire situation. You must address the problem as soon as it occurs to save further damage. Sometimes, these issues may occur outside typical working hours.  Such as, during the night or on a public holiday. You will have to pay a premium to get plumbing services at these times.

The price for urgent callouts can be double or triple the hourly rates. Again, it depends upon the calling hour. Some may charge double for the weekend and triple for a holiday. It goes according to their policies and the ongoing charges. Currently, the hourly rate for an emergency may be between $ 70 to $400.

Final Word

The hourly rate of plumbing task may vary according to the nature of the job. Besides that, you also have to consider trip charges, supplies, and labor required to fulfill your job. It’s always wise to get a written quote before the job starts. You should also make sure that the personnel or the agency you hire is qualified. Check out their reviews online and their prior code of conduct.

Have you ever had a problem with your local plumber? How did you get out of it? We’d love to hear!

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